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Essay on Exposure to Toxins in our Homes and Offices

Toxins are poison, and can have many adverse effects on a person’s health and well-being. It could be the reason children and adults are getting sick more often or why we feel more tired and sluggish. Contrary to what most people believe, exposure to toxins are found in everyday household items, cleaning products, materials that are used to build homes and offices, copy machines and office products, even in some medicines that we take. People do not have to stick their heads in a microwave, drink poison or purposely inhale exhaust fumes to experience the dangers of toxins. On the contrary, toxins enter our bodies in many more subtle ways. With this in mind, learning how to remove toxins from office and home will be advantageous in making†¦show more content†¦Offices that have a graphics department or practices photography are exposed to these gases, as it is present in photographic solutions. Paint, paint removers or strippers, wood preservatives and hobby supplies al l contain these toxic gases. Other toxics found inside our homes and offices come from the air outside, such as exhaust fumes from vehicles, building exhaust and combustion products found in garages and gases that form in sewers. Biological contamination also pollutes the air and can contain toxins. For example, water that sits in drain pans, moisture from air conditioners that collect in vents, or plumbing pipes that may leak into the wall can all produce mold. Bird droppings that dry and turn to dust, and then carried inside by the wind can contain toxins. There are ways to remove the toxins from our homes, and steps that can be taken to limit exposure to these harmful pollutants. It is important to make sure there is sufficient ventilation in homes and offices. Sometimes heat encourages the release of some chemicals, and one way to control this is to use air conditioners and dehumidifiers. When using cleaning products, turn on exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens, and open windows to allow airflow. Keep air filters changed and wear mask if necessary when painting, or pursuing a hobby that requires the use of harmful materials. Never smoke inside the home or office, it not onlyShow MoreRelatedThe Right to Breath With Ease1420 Words   |  6 Pagespesticides (Report of the Surgeon General). A childs body is still developing and highly susceptible to the harmful effects of their environments. â€Å"Exposure to the poisons in secondhand smoke puts them at risk of severe respiratory diseases and can hinder the growth of their lungs† (ANR), among numerous other diseases and death. â€Å"Secondhand smoke exposure in motor vehicles may be associated with n icotine dependence symptoms among young never-smokers† (ANR). Due to the harmful effects of secondhand smokeRead MoreSecondhand Smoke Is Unhealthy For Everyone, Especially For Young Children934 Words   |  4 Pagespoisons, such as benzene, butane, ammonia, toluene, and hydrogen cyanide (American Lung Association). These poisons from secondhand smoking are prevalent in children’s surroundings, causing them to breathe these toxins in homes, day cares, and cars. Children who are exposed to these toxins are at an increased risk for sudden infant death syndrome, acute respiratory infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia, otitis media, respiratory symptoms, and slowed lung growth. According to the CaliforniaRead MoreMany chemicals are used in packaging, storage, and processing of foodstuffs. These chemicals might1500 Words   |  6 Pagesto fatal diseases. Scientist have not gathered enough information about the long term impact. This includes the impact on early stage s of human development, especially in the womb. An extended amount of exposure to FCM’s, or food contact materials should not be ignored for several reasons. Toxins, such as formaldehyde, a substance proven to cause cancer, have been approved by the FDA. Formaldehyde is frequently used, admitting low levels in plastic bottles used for sodas or tableware. FormaldehydeRead MoreA Brief Note On Air Pollution And Indoor Pollution1288 Words   |  6 Pagescirculatory diseases due to too much exposure from air pollution? This is becoming a global problem because of the extremely high levels of toxins and chemicals being produced. So how do we reduce air pollution? First, we all must educate ourselves and become aware of the rising health problems related to pollution. The majority of individuals today are unaware of the chronic illnesses that can occur from polluted air. There are countless amounts of toxins and substances traveling throughout theRead MoreSecond-Hand Smoke1726 Words   |  7 PagesYou are sitting down trying to enjoy your dinner when all you can smell is smoke. Not only are you just breathing in the smoke, it is also damaging your body at the same time. Or imagine yourself at your work place, whether it be a restaurant or office, and you are forced to breathe in second-hand smoke the entire time you are there. In this paper you will be informed of the harmful effects of second-hand smoke, and why smoking should be banned from all public places. When you are a smoker youRead MoreHow to Reduce the Amount of Chemicals and Toxins Found in your Home1352 Words   |  6 PagesFor the first assignment in our contemporary chemistry class, Professor Johana Doe presented us with a question. Give or take a few words, she wanted to know what chemistry meant to each of us. Many of our classmates, including myself, responded to the proposed question with a not so surprising response. We each reasoned that chemistry meant little or nothing to our lives or us. I always looked at chemistry as a very annoying class that I took in high school that involved beakers and the periodicRead MorePersonal Statement On Reducing Toxic Exposure947 Words   |  4 Pagesidentifying and reducing toxic exposure. During Phase 3, the client is encouraged to continue to replace toxic items with natural versions. Replacing these products may take some time and can be costly, as such, the client is encouraged to continue to find replacements within their budge t and means. These recommendations are to reduce the toxic load of the individual. †¢ Replace personal care products and cleaning products to reduce chemical on the skin and in the home. Visit MoreThe Wide Possibilities of Nanotechnology Essay953 Words   |  4 PagesIn the past decades, the field of science and technology evolved, and flourished with many inventions and advancements. Everyday, our science community continues to come up with new ideas to improve the world, especially in nanotechnology industry. The technologies that scientists have developed have greatly impacted the world. New technological discoveries are constantly being made in this this field, and projects are underway that will soon be used in the future years. The expansion of nanotechnologyRead MoreEssay On Health Care1529 Words   |  7 Pagesremaining balance out of pocket that the health insurance company could not cover. The government should use tax dollars for something important like our health because health insurance is expensive. This countryâ₠¬â„¢s health is declining simultaneously as the cost of health insurance increases. Our health is at stake because of the foods we eat and our environment. America’s health is not the best even though we are advanced in numerous ways. If America is the vast reason for American citizens healthRead MoreThe Dangers of Lead1222 Words   |  5 Pages a colorless, tasteless and odorless metal could be found in soil. Due to these characteristics, just because you cannot see, smell or taste it, doesn’t mean that it’s not there. Hopefully, my experiment will change the way some think about the toxin and gain some knowledge of how everyone must safeguard themselves against its’ harmful health effects. The metal lead originated from the Latin word plumbum and is identified in the periodic table as Pb. Lead is a natural metal found in the ground

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How Did King Tutankhamun Die

Since archaeologist Howard Carter discovered King Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922, mysteries have surrounded the final resting place of the boy-king – and exactly how he got there at an early age. What put Tut in that tomb? Did his friends and family get away with murder?  Scholars have cast about any number of theories, but his ultimate cause of death remains uncertain. We investigate the pharaoh’s death and dig deep to uncover the mysteries of his final days. Getting Away With Murder Forensic science experts worked their magic on Tut’s mummy and, lo and behold, they came to the conclusion that he was murdered. There was a bone sliver in his brain cavity and a possible blood clot on his skull that may have resulted from a bad blow to the head. Problems with the bones above his eye sockets were similar to those that occur when someone’s shoved from behind and his head hits the ground. He even suffered from Klippel-Feil syndrome, a disorder which would have left his body very fragile and susceptible to interference. Who would have had the motive to kill the young king? Perhaps his elderly adviser, Ay, who became king after Tut. Or Horemheb, the vigorous general who was champing at the bit to restore Egypt’s declining military presence abroad and wound up being pharaoh after Ay. Unfortunately for conspiracy theorists, later re-evaluations of evidence suggest that Tut wasn’t killed. The injuries some thought were inflicted by enemies may have been the product of poorly conducted early autopsies, scientists argued in an article called â€Å"The Skull and Cervical Spine Radiographs of Tutankhamen: A Critical Appraisal† in the American Journal of Neuroradiology. What about the suspicious bone sliver? Its displacement â€Å"could fit in well with known theories of the practice of mummification, the articles authors state. A Terrible Illness What about natural illness? Tut was a product of significant inbreeding amongst members of the Egyptian royal family, the son of Akhenaten (nà © Amenhotep IV) and his full sister. Egyptologists have theorized that members of his family had serious genetic disorders resulting from inbreeding. His father, Akhenaten, showed himself as feminized, long-fingered and -faced, full-breasted, and round-bellied, which led some people to believe he suffered from a number of different disorders. This could’ve been an artistic choice, however, but there were already hints of genetic issues in the family. Members of this dynasty long married their siblings. Tut was a product of generations of incest, which may have caused a bone disorder that weakened the young boy-king. He would have been frail with a club foot, walking with a cane. He was hardly the robust warrior he depicted himself to be on his tomb walls, but that type of idealization was typical of funerary art. So an already weakened Tut would be susceptible to any contagious diseases floating around. Further examination of Tut’s mummy showed evidence of plasmodium falciparum, a parasite that can cause malaria. With a frail constitution, Tut would’ve been the disease’s number one conquest that season. Chariot Crash At one point, the king appears to have fractured his leg, a wound that never healed properly, perhaps sustained during a chariot ride gone wrong and malaria on top of that. Every king loved riding dirty in chariots, especially when going out on hunts with their friends. One side of his body was found to be caved in, irreparably damaging his ribs and pelvis. Archaeologists have suggested that Tut was in a really bad chariot crash, and his body never recovered (perhaps exacerbated by his poor constitution). Others have stated Tut wouldn’t have been able to ride in a chariot because of his foot affliction. So what killed King Tut? His bad health, thanks to generations of inbreeding, probably didn’t help, but any of the above issues could’ve caused the killing blow. We may never know what happened to the famous boy-king, and the mystery of his demise will remain just that - a mystery.

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Your shoes and flight Free Essays

Flight and Your shoes both have many similarities. They both deal with growing up as the characters change and build up throughout the stories. In Flight the grandfather is stubborn at the start of the story but as the play goes on, he decides to give up and let the granddaughter free. We will write a custom essay sample on Your shoes and flight or any similar topic only for you Order Now Your shoes deals with growing up as well, but the characters change slightly; this is shown when the mother finally writes her welfares to her daughter despite showing so much love for her which makes it hard for her to say her welfares. Flight starts with grandfather holding onto his favourite pigeon. Grandfather lets the pigeon fly but as soon as the pigeon spreads his wings he captures it again and puts the pigeon into a small box where it can’t escape â€Å"He deliberately held out his wrist for the bird to take flight and caught it again at the moment it spread its wings. He would like to lock his granddaughter up the same way he locks up the pigeons to make his granddaughter stay away from Steve. He wants to control his granddaughter like he controls the pigeons. This pigeon is a symbol reflected towards the granddaughter. The granddaughter has an attractive description; this shows that the pigeon is compared to the granddaughter. They both are attractive and he controls them. Your Shoes starts with the mother writing a letter to her unnamed daughter. The mother starts of saying â€Å"I thought I knew you as well as I know this house† this shows that the daughter was hiding something or her daughter has grown up to a point where she has started to keep secrets. Whereas in Flight, the granddaughter doesn’t keep secrets, she could’ve kept secrets and ran away like ‘the daughter in Your shoes’ but she was so mature and intelligent, so se decided to tell her parents about he relationship with the postman’s son. She did that because she knew she’s old enough to make her decisions and her parents won’t go against it The main similarities between Flight and Your shoes are comparing non living things or animals with human being. In Flight the grandfather compares his granddaughter to pigeons, while in Your Shoes the mother is comparing her daughter to her daughter’s shoes. Flight deals mainly with the relationship between Alice and her grandfather and Your Shoes deals with the relationship between the mother and daughter, but also between the mother and the father; the daughter and her father. Your shoes and Flight use metaphors to describe their relationships, Flight uses the metaphor of pigeons and Your Shoes uses the metaphor of shoes to describe the relationship. Both stories talk about love and loneliness. In Flight the granddad does not want to let his granddaughter leave, because he is scared to be alone. ‘Can’t we keep her a bit longer’ this quote indicates the strong love which the grandfather feels for his granddaughter. In Your Shoes the daughter has left home and the mother is desperate to have her daughter back, because she loves her and feels lonely with out her ‘I knew you’d come back’ this quote indicates the hunger of the mother for her daughter. Both stories also have the experience of past life. In Your Shoes the mother describes her experience with her mother showing how difficult it was for her to live with, but she still did. This actually shows how the generation has changed. Similarly in Flight the mother uses her experience to try to convince the grandfather that how happy she was when she got married to her husband said in the following quote. The theme about freedom is being asked in both stories. In Your Shoes the daughter runs away because the lack of freedom was given to her, although the freedom was too much compared to the freedom her mother was given, but in the eyes of her daughter and the generation she was living in made her feel the freedom was too less. The mother tries to show how little freedom she had and she still cope with it, shown in the following quote. This shows that the mother is trying to use reverse psychology to win her daughter back. On the other hand Flight has the same sort of theory. The granddaughter is asking for freedom although she has given the freedom by her mother, but the grandfather doesn’t want her to get married that’s because he doesn’t want to lose her and doesn’t want to lose the moments he once had with his granddaughter. â€Å"Think your old enough to get married hey† this shows he his having a go at the granddaughter and trying to convince her that your not old enough to get married. Both stories deal with maturity and immaturity. Flight deals with immaturity in the way that the grandfather is jealous of granddaughter’s boyfriend because he feels the boyfriend is going to replace â€Å"She did not turn. She had forgotten him. Along the road came the young man Steven†¦the old man stiffened as he watched the gate swing back and the couple embrace†. This quote shows that the grandfather feels upset that the granddaughter seems to have replaced him with an intruder. The grandfather is also scared of him being left alone when she leaves, which makes him think that without her he won’t be happy. Flight also deals with maturity in the way that the granddaughter is being questioned very angrily but she replies back in a polite manner, ‘and she said in a pert voice’: â€Å"hullo, granddad.† ‘Politely she moved towards him, after a lingering backward glance at the road.’ The calm and polite manner shows how mature she is. Compared to flight Your shoes only shows immaturity of the daughter who left because of her father having an argument with her, because she went to a night club and came back home very late and was drunk, which made the father very angry, and he called her a dirty slut and other rude comments. By her father calling her a dirty slut made her fell insecure and trapped so she decided to leave. Although the main theme of â€Å"Flight† and â€Å"Your Shoes† are similar, however structurally they are different, because in â€Å"Flight† the grandfather didn’t want the accept the choice of the granddaughter but in the end they both came to a solution and the grandfather ends up accepting her choice. While in â€Å"Your Shoes† the mother doesn’t want to move on. She constantly refuses to put the welfare of her daughter first, because she knows that she won’t get this letter and won’t come back. Therefore the relationship between the mother and the daughter is not re-established and doesn’t have the happy ending as Flight How to cite Your shoes and flight, Papers

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Payroll and Timekeeping System with Fingerprint Scanner free essay sample

Technology is a scientific development that aids human’s problem and extent human capabilities as well. As time goes by, human becomes more and more idealistic in terms of technology, and developing and improving a simple thing. Nowadays, not only the gadgets are evolving, even simple systems of an organization were also developed gradually. Many companies started to use computerized system to save time and reduce costs, even though these computerized systems are rather expensive. Payroll system is a good example of a system that now going to computerized. Payroll is one of the complex tasks that an organization is performing. Aside from simply paying employees, companies will need to file taxes, submit reports and process year-end data for tax reporting purposes. The problem with the manual payroll system is if ever one had committed mistakes, whatever input was made from the start will automatically affect the calculations, and it is very time consuming that’s why computerized payroll system is implemented. We will write a custom essay sample on Payroll and Timekeeping System with Fingerprint Scanner or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Computerized payroll system are much faster and easier compared to the manual processing. Also quick and accurate answers were produced by the computerized software. The proponents have chosen to make a computerized payroll system with time keeping for Mondo Corporation, specifically in its facility, which is currently using manual payroll system to generate and compute the payment for the employees. Mondo Corporation was being managed by Ms. Marichu Espina and it is located at Niog III, Bacoor, Cavite. This corporation is divided into 3 different sectors: Sticker World, Red Materials and Pink Mango Canteen. It is also divided into 2 different departments: sales and production department. They have regular and contractual employee on their corporation. This corporation with the total of 33 employees is registered with the Department of Trade Industry and started their production in 2007.

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The Art Of Euclids Writing Essays - Foundations Of Geometry

The Art Of Euclid's Writing In Elements book one, Euclid incorporates stylistic devices in the process of proving a series of mathematical theories. One stylistic aspect of Euclid's writing is his use of common notions, such as the whole being greater than the part, and postulates, such as drawing a line from any point to any point. His early use of common notions and postulates do not merely help to prove the particular proposition, but is used in later propositions to persuade the reader of his proofs as well as to instill confidence in himself and the reader of the conclusions he arrives at in the propositions. Even before the actual propositions begin, Euclid lists the common notions and postulates of which he and the reader agree with. By doing this, Euclid and the reader have confidence in the proofs. In another way, the words ?common notions? and ?postulates? can be substituted by ?common sense? because it is ten points which everyone believes to be true. For example, the majority of the conclusions in proposition thirteen were arrived at using common notions. The last three steps in finally proving proposition thirteen were based on common notions. Since everyone agrees with the common notions, Euclid is confident that he is making a logical progression in proving that if a straight line set up on a straight line make angles, it will make either two right angles or angles equal to two right angles. Because of the general agreement of the postulates and the common notions, and by listing them in advance, Euclid is confident that he is correct when he makes assumptions based on them. In the same sense, the reader also holds the conclusions that Euclid arrives at to be true. Another possibility to Euclid's use of postulates and common notions is that he often uses postulates to set up a problem in terms in which he knows to be correct and then concludes the proposition with a common notion. Euclid is confident that if he can arrive at a common notion for the last step, he is able to prove the proposition using that particular common notion. An example of this is proposition two in which his first step in proving the proposition uses postulate one and by a logical progression arrives at common notion one in the end to prove the proposition. Another reason for Euclid's use of common notions and postulates is the desire to persuade the audience that he is correct when he uses common notions to prove postulates. For example, in proposition four, which states that if two triangles have the two sides equal to two sides respectively, and have the angles contained by the equal straight lines equal, they will also have the base equal to the base, the triangle will be equal to the triangle, and the remaining angles will be equal to the remaining angles respectively, namely those which the equal sides subtend, Euclid's last step refers to common notion four, which ultimately proves the proposition. Because Euclid knows the reader agrees with the common notions, he can easily persuade them when he stakes a claim in order to prove a proposition. Another example is proposition two, that places at a given point (as an extremity) a straight line equal to a given straight line, which is solely proven using postulates and common notions . In this case, Euclid can easily persuade the reader because every step of the proposition involved either a postulate or a common notion. Since the reader accepts all the postulates and common notions to be true, Euclid can easily persuade the reader when all a proposition contains is common notions and postulates. In another instance, Euclid uses both a postulate and a common notion to prove one of the steps of proposition fifteen which states that if two straight lines cut one another, they make the vertical angles equal to one another. By fulfilling the conditions of a postulate and a common notion, the proposition gives the reader no doubt that the proof will work. Euclid also uses a proposition proven by a common notion to prove a later proposition. For example, propositions four and ten are correlated in this

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Shakespeare play The Merchant of Venice Essays

Shakespeare play The Merchant of Venice Essays Shakespeare play The Merchant of Venice Essay Shakespeare play The Merchant of Venice Essay Essay Topic: Merchant Of Venice Play The plot of the story is that the merchant of Venice (Antonio) borrows money from a Jewish moneylender (Shylock) and Antonio has to pay the money back to shylock within three months otherwise Shylock can take a pound of flesh from Antonios body. There is a daughter (Portia) with a rich father and when the father died he left all the money to the person that marries his daughter, but you cant marry his daughter just like that, you have to choose a chest out of the choice of three but you have to choose the right one. I am doing my coursework on Bassanio; He is a Best friend of Antonio and he goes to Belmont on the search for love and wealth and tries to choose the correct chest and marry Portia e.g. Portia says You must take your chance and attempt to choose at all, or swear before you choose, if you choose wrong, never to speak to lady afterward in a way of marriage: Therefore be advisd This means that she cant choose who she marries, she has to wait and see who chooses the right box, then she has to marry them. Act 4 Scene 1 This scene is the court scene where Shylock has taken Antonio to court because Antonio could not pay back the three thousand ducats that Shylock had lent him. Antonio oldest and best friend has chosen the right chest and married Portia, then he heard that his best friend was about to die, so he told Portia to stay in a nunnery until he gets back and he rushes off to Venice to see if he can convince Shylock to forget about his bond and not take a pound of his flesh. Portia wants to go with him so she secretly goes to Venice with her maid and they pretended to be the lawyer and the doctor. They both dress as men and they try and save Antonio as much as they can even with Bassanio trying to give Shylock thrice the amount of money for his bond e.g. Nerissa says Why shall we turn to men? They turn to men so that their husbands will not recognize them. Portia looks through the bond and realises that it has nothing about blood so then she says that shylock must take a pound of his flesh but not spill a drop of his blood e.g. Portia says Therefore prepare thee cut off the flesh. Shed no blood, nor cut thou less, nor more, but just a pound of flesh. When this is said Portia has come across a solution to stop Antonio from dying because you cant cut flesh without dripping blood. So shylock tries to take a pound of flesh but realises that he will not be able to do this so he decides to take the money afteral. Portia tells them that he has to take the pound of flesh because that is the bond, but shylock decides that he cant do it and has to leave and lose his money and not have his bond. Then Portia says that he must not leave because he has tried to kill someone so he has to give Antonio a third of his money for trying to kill him. After Shylock has left, Antonio and Bassanio praises Portia for saving Antonio and asks if there is anything that they can do. Then Portia judges Bassanio and asks him if he would give her his wedding ring and he says This ring, good sir? Alas! It is a trifle, I will not shame myself to give you this. Bassanio doesnt give Portia the ring because he loves her. Then Portia leaves pleased because she did not leave with the ring and she can trust him now, but then Antonio says to Bassanio My lord Bassanio, let him have the ring: Let his deserving and my love withal be valud gainst your wifes commandments. Then Bassanio takes off his ring and tells Gratiano to take the ring to Portia and he does. When Gratiano catches up with Portia he gives her the ring and then she has been let down because her husband gave away the wedding ring she gave to him Portia says to Nerissa We should have old swearing that they did give the rings to men but well outface them, and outswear them too. This basically means that youre not supposed to give your wife/husbands rings away but he did just to please a friend. Shakespeares use of language in this play is very good because the rich and wealthy people speak in iambic pentameter, which means that there are ten words or syllables to a sentence, where as the not so rich people just talk normally, Shakespeare as used rhyming couplets at the end of each scene. This shows that it is actually the end of the scene, in act 1 scene 3 Antonio is creating the bond so he can borrow three thousand ducats but Bassanio doesnt think he should create this bond so Bassanio is speaking in rhyming couplets to try and end the deal or scene he says You shall not seal such a bond for me: Ill rather dwell on my necessity I think this is a really interesting play and an audience that like Shakespeare would like this play very much, but they may have many views to different characters such as Bassanio. I think that the producer would have made Bassanio act as if the audience thought he was a hero but the audience would know that hes really not. Where this play was written along time ago it probably does not have the impact to the audience now compared to how it did back then for example: the audience back then would know exactly how it is so they would like it better but in modern times the audience would first have to understand how life was back then before they could enjoy it like the people in the olden days.

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Discuss the events of one cardiac cycle (electrical and mechenical Essay

Discuss the events of one cardiac cycle (electrical and mechenical events) - Essay Example Cardiac muscles are myogenic, which means that their contractions are started by the muscle itself, the action beginning from the sino-atriol node. The first stage of the cardiac cycle is known as the ventricular filling, which involves the flow of blood from the atria to the ventricles. The other stages include the movement of blood from the right ventricle through the pulmonary artery and the left ventricle through the aorta (Guyton and Hall, 2006). The contraction of the heart muscles on the left and right atria, which contract at the same time, is known as the atria systole (Klabunde, 2012). The events begin with the electrical current, which stimulates the myocardium contracts the heart chambers. This is then followed by the mechanical events. The electrical currents of the heart begin at the Sino atria node where action potential is generated (Williams, 2001). In the Sino-atria node, there is a rich supply of cells, capillaries and nervous supply, and the electrical current travels across the right and left atria. The atria are separated from the ventricles by a non-conducting band of connective tissues. Between the cardiac muscles are disc called gap junctions that provide electrical resistance at a low rate. The stimulation of each muscle fiber causes an electrical current to pass over the whole heart hence no external stimulus is required. The wave reaches the atrio-ventricular nodes in the lower right atrium, where it delays for a short period of time before conduction to the ventricles through the bundles up the purkinje fibers (Klabunde, 2004). Delaying at the atrio-ventricular node allows enough time for blood in the atria to get into the right ventricles. The atrio-ventricular node may act as a pace maker, which makes the action potential slow and unstable, depolarization occurs constantly due to the fall of calcium and potassium ions and this effect on the resting potential affects the heart rate. The mechanical